Having a Social Media Block? You Just Need Some Energizing Inspiration!

We all have those days when it feels like posting social is tougher than scaling Mount Everest. For each one of those days and then some, here are some fun ideas that can revive up those rusty engines to get your social media content ideas vrooming again.

  1. Morning News Report

Get your brand into this morning ritual by offering users a daily update of the top three news items that rocked your industry today. It doesn’t have to be your own content – just links to credible sources will suffice. Make this a daily habit and watch your daily engagement soar like Apple’s stock price.


  1. Inside Sneak Peak

We love gossip. No really, at a biological level, gossiping with our peers helps us bond better with them, the ‘soft’ information that gossip brings with it helps us make decisions.


Even if we may deny it, inside each one of us lives that little voice that can’t resist taking a peek at the forbidden. Feed the nosy tendencies in your users and offer them something that they normally never get to see – life behind the scenes.


This curiosity about that which we cannot see ourselves, is something we note over and over among social media users. Whether its pictures from a staff party or shared videos of behind the scenes fun at work, conversation levels step up several notches with insider peeks. Fans are more involved, more curious and it brings them a little bit closer to your brand.


  1. Memes about Industry Happenings

So we did news updates about the industry already. Not to worry. With a little repackaging, a large helping of humour, and some nifty design skills, you can actually come up with memes or jokes about the latest goings on around you. Well, as you may know, me and my buddies love jokes.


If you are a B2B brand, try and focus a little more on your own industry before deciding what meme to use on which product. B2C brands can play it a little looser and put up memes that are amusing but not always related to your product. If it’s a cute kitten meme, you’ll have them sold on your word even before you begin your presentation.


  1. What’s for lunch?

When I mentioned earlier that getting your users close to your brand is important and making your cafeteria guy a hero is a step in the right direction, and I really meant it. Tap into universal work related themes that every single user would live during the day and show them exactly what’s on their mind. If it’s their lunch box that your users could be thinking of, then I’d post mine on social media to show that we’re not a soulless automaton, but a brand populated with real people.


So these are some of my ideas from my secret idea book. Do you have any fun post ideas that have really worked for you? What are you waiting for? Get out those ideas from cold storage!


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